D-Adapt™, a brand of Al Diyar Agency, established under the umbrella of Al Diyar Engineering Co WLL is Qatar’s first-of-its-kind service provider that understands the needs of PMR. Our world-class mobility solutions will improve their lives in terms of accessibility ranging from transportation, tourism, healthcare, and sports. Al Diyar obtained its exclusive dealership for Qatar from various international companies from European countries and the United States who have decades of expertise in the field and invented the products.  We are registered in Ministry of Interior, Hamad Medical Corporation, Aspire and Hamad International Airport certified by Qatar Chamber of Commerce.

I am D-Adapt!


To improve the quality of life of the people with reduced mobility (PRM) by providing solutions for their day-to-day activities from getting off the bed to preparing for the day to going to places and enjoying what every establishment has to offer them. The aim is to omit barriers that limit the PRM and fully incorporate them into the community and claim their independence.